Wednesday, April 29, 2009

... my FMCC T-Shirts

FMCC Shirts: Super Proxy White and Renaissance. I plan
to buy four more. I’m a fan of FrancisM since grade school,
so no further explanations. :)

Wilver, 29, Philippines

... my QWD Black Jeans

Q.W.D. Black semi-fit jeans. I bought it for only P300 at SM!
Nice texture, has seen better days, but it’s still alive baby!

Wilver, 29, Philippines

... my Fila Urban Sleek Shoes

These shoes are on sale, at only P1,500.00. I think it matches
any of my jeans.

Wilver, 29, Philippines

... my Hang Ten T-Shirt

I really like this shirt. It is special because it has been a part of
great memories that I have with my daughter and my lovely wife.

Eric, 26, Philippines

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

... my Summer Collection

This is my summer collection:

My baby doll funky colored dress...

my brown preggy dress...

and my Chinese wrap-around red blouse :)

Aileen, 28, Italy

Monday, April 27, 2009

... my Bright Yellow Scarf

I like my yellow scarf because

it looks good on my complexion and its also my favorite color.

It goes with everything I wear

and it makes me feel like I'm a happy gypsy. =)

Sheen, 27, Philippines

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

... my Little Red Dress

I like this little red dress that I got for only P200! I wore it during
my boyfriend's send-off and I got generous compliments from our friends. :)

Katrina, 26, Philippines

... my Billabong Bikini Top and Board Shorts

This is my fave summer outfit... my Billabong bikini top and board shorts.
It's simple yet stylish. I think it's sexy without being too revealing. :)

Katrina, 26, Philippines

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

... my Puma Shoes

I I would like to introduce my Puma shoes today. ^_^

I bought them in China last July, they were new products at that time, around $75.

Mine is the series called "梅兰竹菊".

It means 'Plum blossom. Orchid. Bamboo. Chrysanthemum'.

In China, we call them 'Noblemen 4' coz they have meaning for personality.

So...Let me show you guys some pictures of this series!

'Plum blossom' stands for 'Nobleness'

'Orchid' stands for 'Pure'

'Bamboo' stands for 'Integrity'

and 'Chrysanthemum' stands for 'Plain'.

Usually people use “梅、兰、竹、菊as metaphors in ancient Chinese poems.

There are two ingenious ideas shown on the shoes.
One is there's a flower's logo on the back of the shoes (as shown above).
Another one is there's an ancient Chinese poem on the insole with the flower you choose.

Wei, 20, China

Sunday, April 12, 2009

... my Flowered Sarong

This is a long flowery skirt which my cousin gave me
and I used it as a sarong. I love it coz its soft and unique.

I wore this during my happiest summer when I was with
my husband. He took this picture and I love it!

Sheen, 27, Philippines

Saturday, April 11, 2009

... my Fossil Watch

This watch is my favorite thing that I own. My baby
gave it to me for our anniversary and I wear it everyday.

I never really wore any jewelry or watches before, but now
I am glad that I do because I get to show off 2 things:
my wonderful gf and my watch!

Frank, 24, USA

... my Winter Outfit

Here I am, wearing one of my favorite outfits.

It consists of a dress I bought in Tiendesitas, a scarf bought in Powerplant, Rockwell,
leggings bought in a Tiangge somewhere in Manila and the boots bought at Skechers
in Downtown San Francisco.

I like wearing winter clothes. It's so hot in Manila that you won't even dare to
wear that kind of clothing. I miss the cool weather and the winter fashion.

In the picture: I was waiting for my uncle to pick me up in BART
(Bay Area Rapid Transit) at Fremont, CA.

Glynis, 26, Philippines

... my Penshoppe Revolt Hoodie

I was wearing my Penshoppe Revolt hoodie , Diesel shoes and Bench blue jeans when I
went to
Peace Arch Park, near the US border.

I miss Canada and I hope someday I could live there.

Emman, 27, Philippines

... my Silver Heart Necklace and Personal Magazine

This is my treasure, it's our story given to me by my boyfriend on our
one year anniversary
but i lost my bf... coz he's now my husband wheeee!

Sheen, 27, Philippines

Friday, April 10, 2009

... my Enchanted Kingdom Fisherman Hat

I like this EK fisherman's hat because this is one of the few caps that fits my head.

I remember losing one before, and just for the sake of getting another one, I had to drive
down all the way to Sta. Rosa and go to EK even when I was alone.

Glenn Prof, 28, Philippines

Thursday, April 9, 2009

... my Silver Ring

This ring signifies the bond I have with my girlfriend. It is a sign of our
eternal love for each other. I am very much in love with her.

Marie, 27, Philippines.

... my Customized Necklace

My boyfriend had it custom-made and surprised me with it. At first I thought it was
too flashy and gold wasn't really my style, but now I wear it almost everyday.

Whenever I have it on, it makes me think of him and I smile.

Bless, 26, Philippines